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Keep it up, change everything else

Claire et Capucine, les co-fondatrices

It is often said that gluttony is a bad thing… Not surprising when you see the offer of gourmet products in the supermarket.
We have decided to shake up this market by proving that you can enjoy yourself healthily.

It's not just about replacing sugars with sweeteners and keeping refined flours. It's about having a clean list of ingredients, a healthy product with a low glycemic index and a responsible approach.

Claire and Capucine

Nutrition at the ♡ of our products

Chocolats healthy ELSY

Sugar out...

✔️ Only 1% added sugar : we only add 1% sugar to our products to enhance the flavors (like a pinch of salt). Sugars therefore come from sugars naturally present in our raw materials (such as lactose in milk, for example).

✔️ Our products are 50% to 90% less sweet than the average chocolate confectionery.

Chocolats sans sucre ELSY

... Fiber in

Replace the sugar with fiber from chicory roots .

Our products contain between 20g and 30g of fiber per 100g (to give you an idea, it's 4X more than prunes).

Discover the benefits of fiber
  • Without...

    → sweeteners

    → gluten

    → palm oil

    → artificial flavors & colors

  • Low glycemic index

    Our products are low glycemic index (GI) and compatible with a diabetic diet.

  • Made in France 🇫🇷

    Our products are made at our chocolatier in Agen.

  • Fair

    ELSY is part of the Cacao Horizons program, which aims to support producers and foster a sustainable cocoa production system.

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